Reviews for "Brawl Funnies [Dick 2]"

Well that was unexspected...

lmao at the kids who don't get the more subtle humour in these, humour doesn't always have to be served to you on a plate guys the same way not everything on newgrounds has to make you laugh =P

I was planning to review all 3, but this turned out to be much more epic in scale then I thought and miles better then the 3rd brawl taunts. Movie3 is garbage for obvious reasons, but the other 2 were good enough to make me watch twice... well either that or I've finally snapped x.x I'm glad people are finally realising cock jokes in parodys of parody movies are over done, because it made way for some much better ideas in these.

Personal faves were the gamer hermit sucide, metaphor 128, brawl smoothies, the awesome rtil intro and the tom fulp movie quality testing


It did make me smile at some parts. You get a coupla points for that. My favorite part is the ending, it's so pretty with the flower petals and anime...

...and if you can't tell that's sarcasm there's something wrong with you.

Smoothie animation and little boy watching the animation were great.

Good job on showing flaws, everybody in the project. :)

I don't get it

So does Tom Fulp represents Newground's target demographic? And is the janitor supposed to be the current state of US copyright law and its enforcement? And what does audience response have to do with the front page?
Do you guys LIKE Brawl Taunts? Or is this something more...? Wait, is rtil the antagonist? And why would you kill off the main character by just the 5th scene?
I must say that this flash raises far more questions than it gives answers, and it's obvious from [Dick 3] that you don't intend to take the series any further, or answer any of the pressing questions on fans' minds.
I will say that I liked all of the art, and find it to be a vast improvement over the previous entry.


It was ok. But you still didn't tell me what the damn songs were in there first vid.

CoolDrMoney responds:

The song was:

"This was a load of shit"

by: ShadowmancerLord


I See I Live A Lie. Everything The Sheeple Loves, Sucks Cuz all it is is the same Gay thing (and HATE Flashes) over and over. When Will Ther Ever be anything new.

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