Reviews for "Brawl Funnies [Dick 2]"

Part one was funnier

As a whole, decently funny with some parts better drawn than others. What we really need is to keep this going ad infinitum and get another collab bashing this one. I mean, that guarantees at least a year of front pages right there.

CoolDrMoney responds:

Gret idea!


Best part always begining Lol
Tupac - Changes


Well the whole thing feels too long, but I guess that might be a good thing. I mean these things are supposed to be annoying. It's also not supposed to get a very god score either.
Feels very long, it gets a bit boring.
Loved the changes parody, some pretty nice jokes I guess...
It's pretty much the same too, but that could be thought to be making fun of how brawl parodies are all the same... Hmm.
Well it's not always that enjoyable, but it's perfect for it's purpose.
Still I'd like to see a long Brawl parody over this. Guess I'm not that original then. :P
Good job.


wow that was the most touching ending ive ever seen.
but u ripped the absoulute piss out of both kirbopher and rina chan which was slightly too far only by makin rina chan a pig that was a bit sad and harsh so that put this down to a 6 for me but that touhin ending put it to an 7

And a 2

The fat kid is badass ( although the end is quite errr...well it ruins the stuff, but i can understand why it's there.)
The rina chan's faggots rtil is gay DDR woooooo is badass.
AND, of course...LUIGI, WILL YOU S**k MY D**K? Classic comedy writing. You guys fully understood the internet! (Still, i thinf the first one's better...except for psi43's cartoon i hate this guy)