Reviews for "Brawl Funnies [Dick 2]"


I'm Giving You A Fuckin 10 Just Cuz That Rap Was FUCKIN TIGHT LOL. U DA MAN!

rtil is a homo

Well, he is. This movie rocked bottom.

may be even better than the first part

I'm having a hard time deciding, seriously

brilliant stuff once again, I love the shout out to "metal gear funnies" and I especially love the crying Tom Fulp at the end, I'm pretty sure that's exactly how he feels when he is forced to front page shit like Brawl Taunts and *insert over rated crappy video game based movie series here*

this thing is just fantastic, I hope you guys get togather on somthing else like this real soon


Not every part was great but the overall message was great and some of these shorts were downright hilarious. I feel bad for all of the people who are unable to tolerate the mildly dark and critical humor that comes with this flash.

If any of the artists responsible read this could I please get an image of the portion of this flash i which the guy at his computer overdoses on pills and kills himself.

Preferably a close up image of his wrinkly face as he is staring into his computer monitor. I am hoping to use it for my desktop wallpaper. Thank you so much to any of you who are able to send this to me.

This Is Top Shit

Seriously this fucking flash collab opened my eye's and people better start getting with the program.
Besides i couldn't stop laughing at every bit.
Also the people rating 0's harden the fuck up its the world and you will get put down hard.