Reviews for "Brawl Funnies [Dick 2]"


Something tells me that this series should be called, "Brawl Taunts Tirade."
I hate Brawl Taunts as much as the next cynic with a brain, but we have to quit making fun of Brawl Taunts and make fun of oh, I don't know... BRAWL?!!

The cynical humor was good, but it keeps being repetitive.

But it suffers the same problems as the first one did as well as some more issues.
We need some variety- it is after all a collaboration.

While the humor was intelligent, like the first one, saying the same thing over and over again is getting old.

Let's move on, okay?

CoolDrMoney responds:

We grindin it into everyones hed

So this never happen again!

Not as good as MGF, still good tho

I liked Metal Gear Funnies, and how it parodied the video game parodies of Metal Gear, but Brawl Funnies feels a bit less original and more like its mocking Brawl Taunts.

The animation quality has improved in some aspects with some parts animated well, and there were some parts of this collab that made me chuckle (e.g. the brawl taunts sequel smoothie), but next time, definitely try to improve a bit on the humour.

CoolDrMoney responds:

MGF is tha best so

This one made me laugh a bit

This one was better made than the first. Nothing to say here. Oh, and i found the "RTH IS A HOMO" written in an almost unperceptible way in the brawl taunts film, was that suppossed to be some kind of subliminal message? because if it was, then it was a waste of time cus it doesnt work.

Better than the first half.

I understand the whole thing's satire. More to the point, I understand the whole thing's satire along the same vein as Piconjo's Legendary Frog and Wade bashing back in the day. And yes, there's a lot of genuine talent put on display in this piece(more-so than the first half of the collab, honestly, though I've no doubt some of the guys went out of their way to do their worst to get their point across), which is why I voted so high.

Unfortunately, it suffers from the same issue Piconjo's work suffered. Namely, it's so much talent wasted on direct personal attacks. You dislike that two people enough that you were willing to put what looked to be days(or even possibly weeks, in some cases) of effort into bashing two people. I don't understand that part.

I do, ignoring the personal attacks, understand and agree with(to a degree) the message behind the collab, though. Newgrounds has, and will continue to, suffer from people following long trends or, in the case of some individual artists, simply riding on previous success until it's dead. It's not really a new issue, though, and is something that has 'always' happened on Newgrounds.

And while I agree that people should display more originality(everyone's capable of it, even the people who're guilty of following their own personal trends), I don't think personal insults are the best way to get the message across. Do they get peoples' attention? Sure. But you stand a good chance of driving away the very people you're trying to reach.

Good, but man where there BAD ones.

They where good and all, and that fat kid one was, perfect

But the one where Rina-chan and kirbohper where like, in love, grass and nice music, that was TOTAL GARBAGE.

it was so cheesy, horribly drawn, terrible voices, and... a leaf on a neckless? srsly?