Reviews for "Brawl Funnies [Dick 2]"

I'm sorry

I'm sorry guys but what you have done is more than enough... The first one was only good on one part this one was worst, please stop down grading other artists just because you suck at drawing and doing other things. From now on if you make something make sure that it is good material that isn't down grading other people otherwise you are never going to get any good reviews.


go get some, take a walk, read a book, do anything! if you are so bored you would take the time to create this ham-fisted, shoveled-by-a-blind-man pile of horse pucky, you need a job, hobby(not this), girlfriend/boyfriend(not callin' anyone gay), or find an art form cuz art this ain't. I wish I could sue you to get the time I spent watching this dogrel.


i was wrong you guys failed, and just made more crap. my review from the first is pretty much the same for this.


Some jokes were funny most jokes were lame
you see this alot and in compare it sucked but still 6/10 4/5

Thought I Would Try Again

seeing how the first one sucked...very...very...very badly, I though I'd try the second one to see if it would actually be funny. But again it sucked...even more...very...very...very badly. The only up side is some of the animations were good, now all you need is actual humor and good voice overs. Once again...very...very...very badly.