Reviews for "Barbarian Bob [Remake]"


One word sums this game up, Addictive. I enjoyed playing it (Although I wasn't very good!), well done.


i bought the game xD

Ok, but seriously it's a tad flawed

I enjoyed the way the levels were presented, like with climbling up staircases inside of a huge tree or cutting down a pillar to make a bridge. It was stuff like that and just fighting stuff that made it almost decent, but the combat was kind of bland. I dig the utilization of a shield and getting to know when and when not to use your sword and shield in combat, but the character was still very stiff and slow when it came to moving him around the place, even when you needed him not to be. That, and maybe some cooler sword moves than just the old "overhand chop x 3 now you dead" shebang.

One thing I'd like to add, is I really did dig the epic boss finish. Very nice.


You know this game could use ALOT more work. I mean his attacks are pretty lame, next time you should make his attacks better thats all that really needs improvement...