Reviews for "Barbarian Bob [Remake]"

its ok

could have worked more on it

Good attempt

The first one was fuckingly tough


this is rad, i luv the ppls design and the game is stratigic and fun! replaying for medals and playing with cheats and horde is fun! why a 9 no 10? well when terrance died he just kept going red and wouldnt stop so i had 2 refresh, 2nd is its impossible to complete it without shield bcuz of the 1st enemy, ur forced to shield, so thats 2 medals fucked cause then u cant get barbarian king medal, thats the aggro in this game is button mashingly intense!!!!


in the beginning when you're taught to parry i did it and they guy completely froze. i couldn't kill him and he didn't move


during hoard mode on the second level courtyard it is all black and you fall through the map other wise good game