Reviews for "Barbarian Bob [Remake]"


what are da cheats!

A tad glitchy but fun none the less!

Well, I gotta say this game sure does have a lot of charm to it. A bit generic but needless to say it makes you keep going and going with our hero BOB the Barabarian! What an epic name. Actually looks like a Dan Paladin styled game in a way.

That said great job!


Almost forgot about the remake. I really like this, it's great how you expanded the whole universe of the first game and made this one, pretty damn fun. The inclusion of medals was perfect, it gave us more motivation to explore the game and perhaps play it a bit differently.


It simple but I like it, there's some bugs: using the ninja in the wood (first stage after the cave) I go to kill the archer and the guard togeter with melee attacks and the thay become stopped dropping infinite $ and lifes... after a few the game crash.
Another little bug appen the second time that you play with Bob and avoid all the enemies jumping for some stage... about in the middle of the game Bob cannot be beat from the foes (they attack him but just miss).
I give you 4/5 and 8/10 because I like this kind of game (as Cave of wanders) that you can replay enjoing different cues and play-modes.
Hope to be usefull, bye.

Well I WAS having fun...

Was having fun with this game until it completely glitched out on me during the second fight with the boss. The game started freezing up and then my character fell through all the floors of the building and then I just saw the background... Then my whole internet froze up and my flash player crashed... Soooo yeah, fun besides the glitch, I'm afraid to try it again hah.