Reviews for "Barbarian Bob [Remake]"


this game have a lot of bugs,please fix it

Im not gonna lie to you i kinda sucked

But it was fun enough

Bob rules all!!

Never played the original Barbarian Bob, but I like this version alot. I heard the original had a lot of technical problems that made it more.... challenging. While this version still has several bugs in it they weren't enough to detract from the overall enjoyable experience I had with it.

The graphics/art weren't the most complex I've seen, but they did an adequate job, and had the affect of making the characters more endearing. More facial expressions could help to flesh out a very 2 dimensional game into something more, though.

The controls, while basic, were easy to use. Collision detection, on the other hand, needed to be tighten up a bit - you could be standing some distance from your opponent and still kill him without touching them with your sword.

The music was great. I like it and I thought it fit the game very well; and it really stood out among many of the flash games I have played on NG - in a very good way.

Keep up the good work, Skribble-Style and co.

This is just terrible!

You can't even move without a bug dammit!
I would give it a -7, but I can't.

Great game!

Wasn't into it until today.. Got the 20k and parry medals a long time ago and now I just wanted the rest.. Got in the game quite quickly! I gotta say it's a really good game!