Reviews for "Barbarian Bob [Remake]"

Alot better

besides toast of war, this was one of my favorite games. Great job. the first one was also really good.

Like the first one

The Orginal Was Great And This One Greatly Surpassed It Good Job


ive played the other ones, and this one is defiantly better! yeah i agree, there should be health bars for enemys. i think there should be a medal for defeating the last boss, and then another one for defeating him on a harder difficulty level. for the Horde game, if you play on the forest level, you fall right through the grass

Great game

I have played the original before and i gotta say you realy improved it a lot. one thing though when u use the extra character you cant defeat the last boss you can only defeat him with bob so try to fix that glitch kay.

Pretty Good

It was pretty fun, the only problem I found was that the boss battle was way too easy and some health bars for the enemies would have been nice but besides that, good work!