Reviews for "A Crow in Hell 2"

Why the difficulty hate?

I really don't see why people rate lower because its hard. IMO it really isn't so hard, checkpoints are everywhere, and I finished it easily in one sitting (died a lot ofcourse).
Awesome graphics, nice gameplay and original idea.

Again, stop rating the game badly because you are to pathetic to handle your birdy dieing a few times. Oh, and the feathers AREN'T necesarry, so don't bother getting them unless you want the challenges, like me:) Good game PopBrain. Lastly, Tryolaser, thanks for stating the obvious :|.

i dont no

to hard when ever u hit black u die!

Y is there a crow in hell?

Great game good graphics, 10 stars. But its an animal, too stupid to sin if it tried! Plus crows rn't that bad, they watch us, we put cameras in there nest. An endless cycle of creepy.

I love it

couldn't stop playing it and I'm pretty far along

well done..

this game is pretty good...this game is meant to be a challenge game and not your typical average flash gamer, this game is meant for the people who enjoys the games challenges..overall i gave it a 10/10