Reviews for "A Crow in Hell 2"


It kinda pissed me off. Plus the fact that you have to press up constantly to not go into the floor. it was okay


pretty good game.

I am sadly dissapointed...

This game took all the cons from the first and... left them in? Well, I suppose I can be fair and say there weren't any "impossible moments" this time around. Well, not any intentional ones anyways. Lets start with the Pros seeing that this IS a good game with a whole lot of promise. Just many faults that dirty an otherwise golden shine.

The artwork is beautiful. I simply love the shadow look and how it ties in with the whole "don't touch the walls/anything" gameplay.

The sounds/sound fx were fine and dandy and not torture to the ear. Which is a SUPER-AWESOME thing because you will be hearing the crows "death-caw" ALOT.

Although the bird is a little too sensitive you do get used to it and the controls are so simple yet so intricate (spelling?)

Thats it. Now for the cons. Pretty much all the cons I found from the first game are present with the absence of 1 and the presence of a couple more.

1) I have sort of accepted your "touch anything and die" rule but I still find some of the things that kill a bit silly. Spiderwebs being one but understandable seeing that its there (for the most part) to make a path a bit more narrow however I still don't like the flys. Birds eat bugs. I know in the last game there were huge ass bugs all over and that was workable. In here, there was just a huge scorpion and flys. Since this is supposed to be "hell" couldn't these things at least look a bit more hellish?

2) You have removed the parts where you HAD to die to get a key and I thank you for that. But certain "triggered" points made it impossible to go on sometimes. I remember a specific key where you had to dash past a robotic arm before it blocked your path. Fun but when you return the arm is instantly triggered and you just can't get past in time. You actually HAD to kill yourself to go on. I suppose it isn't a big deal seeing that the lives or "wings" system is flawed.

3) Why is there a lives system STILL? Everytime you go back to the check point. When you use up all of the lives you, wait for it, go back to the check point. Its really all nuisance if anything. The only real difference is after your 3rd "wing" (why wings? they look like feathers to me.) you go to the menu. So why involve lives at all?

4) Why is there STILL no pause? Technically, I suppose there is but all it really is is a forfeit to all 3 of your wings right away. It's just... augh! Stupid.

5) I really do not like this ending. It should have treated us to yet another animation of the bird exacting revenge on its killer. Instead we are given a "to be continued." I apologized but even if people DO like this game that is a low blow regardless. This game is tough. REALLY tough. Just give us a damn ending for our efforts and work on your third title! This game is so simple (plot wise) I really don't think you need to split it up into "parts." This is why I give you 3/10 and a 1/5. The bonus levels weren't anything too special either. Definitely not worth the effort.

I must once again say that this game has so much potential to be great but is faulted greatly by bad programming and faulty gameplay aspects. I was actually excited to play this game to see how it was improved since the last. I don't know if I'll want to play the third one now if this is going to be the pattern.

cleared it

and the challenges, but after playing it i realized it wasnt any fun at all :p
good effort tho

i'll give it a 9

great game, played through the whole thing and managed to grab 28 keys.
found the last two on my second try;)

a few things though.

whats with the "retry" function? why do you have it? why not just respawn at the checkpoint all the time? i don't get it

also i think i might have found a bug. or i did something wrong. but i couldn't play the extra challanges...

might be because i started a new game before i attempted the extra features.
i don't know.

amazing graphics though. loved the simple "black vs background"-style

and the choice of music was very enchanting to. it gave you that spooky feeling like "you're in hell and you need to get out". it kept you in there untill you made sure the crow was safe;)

again, great game and hope to see more.