Reviews for "A Crow in Hell 2"


dude, your game is awesome. Poor crow, man... getting hit by a bike, haveing to het all these keys, fetting chased by bees... i Made a rhymey!anyway, 1000/10. you rock.

pretty awesome :)

the controls weren't as hard, just the crow was a bit to fast :P lol other than that perfect game! lol for the epic bike hit in the begining :D

Excellent realization!

Noobs, this game is not HARD, just it is hardcore: not for casual homebodys and idlers on their work.

I completed adventure, 1-st and 3-rd challenges (2-nd really is too hard to me and my old computer) aproximately for half an hour and has got big pleasure.

Gameplay, idea: 10/10 (nothing useless)
Controls, camera: 9.5/10 (some checkpoints are bad located)
Graphics, animation: 10/10
Sounds, music: 9/10 (flash...)

My total rating: 10/10.

no a bad idea... but

I did enjoy that this was differnt for me, but the controls where just too bloody hard to get used to... slow the bird down and add less of a drift to the bird when you stop... and the fact that everything you touch kills you. try again and good luck

Trial and fucking error...

Woo! Let's play a part of a level several times because something popped out that I didn't noticed due to the game not indicating anything! Woo!

But really that's what this game is. Trial and error.

Admittedly some of the paths were clever to get around. I got past most of them without dying one yet some of them killed me due to the fact that a random spike ejects from the wall or a rock suddenly falls on me.


The art of the game is incredible nice to look at with the simple black and yellow.

I was fun to play but I just got too frustrated four levels after the Scorpion 'Boss'.