Reviews for "A Crow in Hell 2"

This sucks

Dies too quickly, bird moves too fast, and the colors don't really help. Pretty much what I'm saying, this game sucks.


liked the colors , but the controls were too dificult and got bored before a while

I agree with Jermoe.

Nothing else to say except he was kinda nice about the controls. Very hard to get through and control.

No More Wings

What I liked:
*Art style
-it looked nice, but didn't distract

*Basic gameplay concept
-nothing wroing with flying and avoiding obstacles. Some of the trapos were cleverly designed. Others were just cheap means of killing you....

-there were issues that made this game much harder than it had to be, but seeing past them, this game was fine. of course it took me a lot of fustration before I realized this...

What I didn't like:
*cheap kills
-there were a few things that popped out and killed me that would not have been avoided without previous knowledge of the level. That is just not cool.

*Number of lives
-considering you had limitless continues, it seemed to me that the lives were just there to make me take my hands off the keyboard every 30 seconds and click on retry. Of course this resulted in me suffering a few deaths just because the checkpoint saved me at a spot close to the floor and me not bringing my hand back to the keyboard in time.

-they felt sluggish and clunky. This is a horrible combintation for a game in which you have to go through very tight tunnels at sometimes high speeds.

I didn't like it, probably from hearing the death sqwak to many times.

Presentation and concept were nice, but to the controls and somewhat cheapness of a few traps left me feeling frustrated most of the time. I think I will keep playing and see if I can ever make it to the end...but that will be after I calm down a bit...

Furthest reached as of this review: 2 panels after the Scorpion "boss" fight.

what is this a game or a interactive movie?

how many times do you have to die before you can even accually play the game. is this even a game or just a fall and die movie. the controls are to hard to use. if you press up you hit the celling, press down you hit the floor. why are the controls like that?