Reviews for "A Crow in Hell 2"

Good, but too hard.

Essentially it's just way too hard. Now, I don't mind hard games, but the thing is that what makes this difficult are the controls. They are very unresponsive, and in a game like this, the controls have to perfection or it's BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD.

Oh yeah, there should be a key-stroke to retry. It's really annoying to have to move your hand over to the mouse every time you get killed (which is often).

I was gonna give you a six, but then I added a point for originality.


this has pretty much been repeated over and over but, its a really hard game. i cant get past the 3rd screen, where theres the air current, im trying to get the key even though I dont know why the keys are good, and its just so hard i just got frustrated and stopped playing.

2 ????

2??? Crow in Hell 2 ???
man the first one totally got me I loved that so much
tnx 9999999999999999 times for making 2
I love you so much
this game is so great


not so good but not so bad

Hard != bad

I don't know what's wrong with people... sure, give a game 0 because you suck at it.

I found the controls pretty smooth... the game is tough, but not unfair. The graphical style is slick, but it's a look I'm starting to get tired of - I've seen it a lot, and it's starting to feel like it's just a way for artists to avoid having to put any detail into their work, rather than an original look.

My only real gripe is that there isn't really enough variety in the gameplay - it's all just timing, and being precise in your movements; I'd prefer to see some situations where a bit more thinking is required.