Reviews for "A Crow in Hell 2"


this game is terriable way to hard ot doesnt even ease into it

Not good @ all

The controlls kept locking up on me & it was a total pain how the charecter died every time it touched the walls, there need to be some major changes on this game before I will give it a better score, sorry.

Get rid of that damn button

I love a game like this. It's challenging, it's a bitch, but when you win and never want to play the game again... you feel pretty good about yourself. If it weren't for that retry button, I'ld give ya a 10 and 5.


Really liked it, I liked the fact that you had checkpoints like every 2-3 scenes, if it wasnt, Im sure after dying like 3 times I would have quited. When I finally finished I felt god damn great xD to see some sky was refreshing xD.


Might just be me but, I really hate games like this, your obviously expected to die ALOT but for some reason you give 3 lives and infinite retries, that makes no sense? Whats the point in a retry button if theirs unlimited amounts? Just give a counter so we can see how many times we died without having to constantly click the retry button, hard as fuck but i wouldn't expect any different. Also for some reason the flying animation wasn't distinct, just needs tweaking liked the puzzles and the challenges idea. KEEP AT IT BUT MAKE UNLIMITED LIVES KTHNX.