Reviews for "CLAB - Senator vs Gasmasq"

SJDean on the bean. Raped. Hard.

Verse1: Strong beginning. "Pussy yelling n****r"
Verse2: Nice replies. Strong lines.
Verse3: "Fking Punk, plz", Epic lines and ending.
Verse4: Outtro, Gas. you tripped your own lines.

SJD won this round for me.

After a few listens, I have determined that Senator John Dean has better lyrics and flow.

Senator for the advance.

This is a VERY close battle, though.

at the first i didn´t know what was going on.
but then.... fucking magic.
Senator Rulez, but Gasmasq... Wooowwww blow my fucking mind..... and then a gun shot, really nice, (en el lugar justo xD).
very very very nice track...
perfect flow. (i wish i can rap...)
anyways, perfect song!!!!