Reviews for "CLAB - Senator vs Gasmasq"

SJD's intro was pretty unintelligible, but he totally brought that shit around in his second verse, and he pretty much killed it.
Gas' flow was good, as usual, but I feel like he wasn't quite on beat at all times. Still, you did a great job.

I'm gonna give this one to SJD, because he sounded like he was having alot more fun, and other than drugs, money, and women, fun is what it's all about.

Wow, after 10 listens. Gas won this one by a land slide.
Gas good comeback on the gimmick line, Madflex called you one last year. So good composure on the mic, and good flips.

sjd: -4; 1 good diss, 2 negatives for obnoxious filler, 1 negative for trying to sell me a non-existant diss with pure delivery "mask doesnt cover his face...it is him". 2 negatives for those obnoxious nonsense entrance and exit bars. Yep im judging you harsh, deal with it.
gas: 5; 3 good disses, 1 great diss "trying to create a genre", bad exit.
sjd: 0; nice flow, too bad i dont count that when scoring a battle.....also too bad you didnt land a single diss, not even a minor one.
gas: 2; 3 good disses, awful exit.

gas 7 to -4

This battle was really close IMO. Two sick emcees to chose from. Both emcees were invested in this one and you can definitely sense the animosity.

My vote goes to sjd, I like the originality and humor of his verses. I feel like gas played it a little too safe, and didn't really take it to the next level.

I'm giving this to the Senator. I liked his flow better and his second verse kicked ass. Gasmasq definitely gave tough competition though.