Reviews for "CLAB - Senator vs Gasmasq"

All your guys little point system to judge a battle is pretty cute..

SJD to advance came in hard with hard punches and hard flow
Gas couldn't manage on a beat like this, it just sounded ridiculous and rushed
so yah SJD for the win. no point system needed .

SJD to advance came in to hard and took total control. took only won listen! yall guys need to replace your shat head phones great battle all together tobad tho i wanted to see gas win it all this year

Lets get it in ClabTrap 2012 sponsored by Newgrounds and Soundcloud. 500 bucks and who takes it, the emcee who I want too hear next on the CD! Fuck yeah lets get it in ya'll know what it is big ups too big red. Shout out too shout outs!

I think its bullshit that we have to say someone won because I like both side of this battle. Super cut throat competition I like SJD I disliked him at the start of this competition and now I'm a fan. I can honestly say the opposite for Gasmasq. I will say losing to someone in a rap battle is a good way too learn your way to hate someone. LETS GET IT IN!

Verse 1 - SJD:
+god of reverberation points carry onto the first verse for hype
+wizardy line call back too Gasmasq Larping
+racist barkeep
+Are you a copy of 'Charlie Tuna' ?
++Verse contains tons of in-jokes, visual disses and I can say I am entertained.

+biker with pubic hair or a virgin with feathered hair
+too many lines

Verse 1 - GQ:
+roots the mini series
+weak ending


Verse 1 part 1 winner I give it too SJD just too much entertainment too not give him the flag on the play. Next verses:

Verse 2 - SJD:
+rep this country//you can't rep rap
++rides out his bonus point intro for additional bonus points
+ emaciated racist
+coke lines
+Hilarious flips out the gate

Verse 2 - GQ:
+Gunshout outro (because we're handing out points)
+liar if i lose line
+Reverend Sharpton forum in joke
+Occupy 1% forum in joke
-How is he a middle aged voice actor hes younger than you Gas? In my battle you say your older than me. You're the inaccurate flip flopper :P
+inaugrated into office line

Points for clarity:

The best motivational slam poet award goes too Gasmasq.

++Both emcees get 5 points for not clipping once, and same too the beat production dlxrevolution no clipping clearly why SJD chose the beat.

Gotta say SJD stays consistent and so does Gas so I think its a tiebreaker and with the additonal bonus points for getting Killer Instinct into the top 4 of this rap tournament I have deducted on multiple listens that our winner by technical knock out is Senator John Dean.

Gasmasq took it with more flow ... Sorry John, had to listen to it a few times to try and hear what you were spitting... Your "Combo breaker" wasn't very effective.

In style you are very different:
1 Senator john dean hectic fast past flow +
2 Gasmasq Combination of fast past with tempo controlled section ++

1 SJD Good lines and rhymes Sharp and edgy+
2 GM great comebacks good punches and CLEAR understandable voice +

1 SJD writes a comment about whining! But in that comment he whines about Cheating in production????
Sorry man there is no cheating in production know your own voice and compress it the way it should be compressed? Let me ask you a question: is having a better mic cheating? NO? then producing your voice in a better manner isn't cheating and stop whining during a contest because it throws people off! - -

Gasmasq +++ = 3
SJD ++ = 2 minus 2 for whining