Reviews for "CLAB - Senator vs Gasmasq"

This was the one I'd been waiting for, and you blokes didn't disappoint. The lines were drawn, crossed, spat and punched. Awesome battle!

SJD's intro was hilarious and epic. Lines fast and furious, harder than Vin Diesel. So many disses packed tight, funny as hell.

GM coming clean like a wank in the shower. Slick and effective like a new razor; cut-throat. Disected nearly everything with precision and a flip.

Way to make a decision difficult, you bastards.

SDJ had a better flow, but Gas brought the lyrics and that's what really counts.

Gasmasq for the win. His disses were on point and seemed more focused on the spirit of the battle than SJD.

~6 listens

=Verses 1+2:=
Lyrics: Gasmasq
- Didn't hear some of Senator's lines. Also, "My baby's mom could out-rap you."
Flow: SenatorJohnDean
- I really liked Gas', but I liked Senator's flow just a little more. Reminded me of N1k/MooGi.
Style: Gasmasq
- I didn't like Senator's opening bars. Gas' last verse had a perfect style for a final verse.

Gasmasq for the advance