Reviews for "CLAB - Senator vs Gasmasq"

Roots, the Mini Series was good. Other than that, I didn't like gas's words or flow. Maybe the beat was to blame on that one. Don't like the beat.

Senator for the win. Even with coming off too fast in the beginning, couldn't understand what was going on. It was like I was listening to Twista for a second.

I should 0 bomb this shit just cuz Gas is on it.

@Joshua: "so I told Red, "No, fuck that & fuck him". Dude's whiny bitch ass was the reason it took another two days to get this on." Ok, YOU say 'fuck that' and then blame ME for the lateness. That's - almost - as contradictory as saying "SJD negatively influences kids...oh wait, let's end this battle with a GUNSHOT." You're a walking contradiction, a complete fake, and that's why I really can't stand you. Roommates? DMT? Holy shit you walking stereotype.

STILL@Miss Ogle - Quit and do solar. Music doesn't want you. Plus you need to take care of that kid and tell him not to talk about folks mommas in rap battles or they might get slayed.

@Bummer - the reason you think Gas is more clear is because of him cheating on the production. This is exactly what I predicted would happen in the thread. Voters don't think about compression, they just say, "that guy was clearer." I predicted this. No worries, Bummer, it's not your fault. Gas cheated.

@Mickey - That intro was specifically for you. Taste the yum. Glad it influenced your vote AGAIN. Thanks for provin my point.

That monkey Gas knows he can't match my flow.

Oh my god...

I can fucking feel the anger between both...

As for the vote, I love both of you guys, you know that. This battle was close as fuck. Both had mess ups here and there. What it comes down to for me, is the clarity. Sorry John, but i couldnt understand a lot of your lines, I'm sure they were dope as hell, but i can't vote for what i can't hear. Gas delivered his verses much more clearly for me, even though he seemed to struggle a little.

So that's really all it boils down to for me, otherwise, this shit is a tie. And one of the most heated battles i've heard yet. Actually makes me wish i entered...sooo thanks for the motivation for next year fellas.

Vote goes to Gas.


Very good battle, gentlemen. This is my fifth listen.

Flow: SenatorJohnDean
SJD's flow was incredibly pointed, and it was very interesting to hear a new, more creative style from him. Gas' flow is the same that he (almost) always uses, so there's nothing I can say positively about it; on the other hand, it's a good flow, so there's not really anything bad I can say about it, either. Gas seemed to stumble over a few lines, and it broke his flow a little.

Punches: SenatorJohnDean
SJD's punches were way harder. Gas fell back on "raping" and "virgins" (and in the second verse, he put them both together), and, to be perfectly honest, neither were really great punches to begin with. Gas' political diss was a little long-winded, the assassination line was cool, but the outro gun cocking and firing pretty much ruined that one for me. John's delivery, too, was more entertaining: he seemed to have a little fun with his verses, while still bringing the heat, and that's a skill I really admire.

Flips: Tie
Both had some good flips. To me, at least, their own references to their respective first verses were actually more entertaining than their flips.

This was a very close battle: SJD's flow was the tiebreaker.

The Senator for the advance.

Well played John.
@Teq: I've never had a late verse. I always take the full 3 days with my verses in order to put out the best product that i can for the CD.

I received SJD's second verse Fri night after I got off work at 10pm and was told to have it back by Sunday, Mother's Day. I told Red that I worked all day Sat and had plans with my baby's mom after work on Sunday and that if he had to DQ me then to do it. Work and showing appreciation for the mother of my child are more important to me than this competition.
I was told to get it in on Sunday night or Monday morning if I could.

Sidenote: Red, that still didn't give me any time to write, let alone record. But ok...

When I got home Sunday night, ready to write my ass off, my room mate and his friends were freaking out hallucinating on DMT so I had to take care of them. Once I got everyone calmed down I busted my ass and got my shit uploaded Monday afternoon.

Fri - Sat: 1 day == Sat - Sun: 2 days == Sun to Mon: 3 days

Then Senator had a problem with how something on the track was compressed and I don't trust him to touch anything I do so I told Red, "No, fuck that & fuck him". Dude's whiny bitch ass was the reason it took another two days to get this on.

Know the facts.