Reviews for "CLAB - Senator vs Gasmasq"

SJD had worse flow and his delivery was sloppier. Good punches but they lacked a certain level of follow through. Gas was bringing it. I think he closed better and flowed better. His punches had the delivery neccessary to really be felt.

Both MCs were good, but Gas was better. Gas for the advance.

Wow guys, that was an amazing battle. I never really post, but I lurk in audio a lot, so I can say, this was very impressive.

I liked how SJD pulled off the fast-rapping. Everything bled together well, but I didn't really feel it in his voice. I mean, he did great, but as many disses as he thew out, he didn't really have the tone to back it.

Gasmasq threw back some great punches, and what I liked about his verses is that he put a lot of feeling behind his words, and to me, that is a game winner. He may not have spit as fast, or flowed with the beat as well, but he really fought back hard.

To me, I think one of the really big important parts of battle rapping is how real it sounds. If I listen to a track where two people are throwing out punches like they don't know each other, or are unsure of their words, it's not really a convincing BATTLE. It's just a cleverly worded rap song with insults.

That's why I have to give this one to Gasmasq. He made it feel real, like there was serious tension. I felt more than just the disses. I felt the actual punch from his vocal cords.
You can express more with less words if you use the right emotion.

Great battle rap, guys :)

Gotta go to SJD on this one. Came harder and more consistent.

Mid-fucking-eivl in the bigging.