Reviews for "CLAB - Senator vs Gasmasq"

Ooohhh shit SJD bro. I mean both were hot, and I usually don't like dissing shit, but SJD.


Awesome background beat actually, sounds like a great rap battle beat and has a dark tone to it at the same time.

SenatorJohnDean has great and fast rolling rhymes and he sounds like he belongs on some record label too with his lines. Hilariously impressive how in the comeback he goes far faster than he did the first time, did he feel rushed a bit or something? Really good though!

"COMBO BREAKER!" Excellent line!

Gasmasq sounds like a gamer too and I can picture him with glasses too and he has some good lines. Then he gets louder in his comeback and sounds as if he was a bit angry too. Very interesting rhymes but doesn't sound like total insults either.

Overall, a little bit of a hard one to vote on but my vote goes to SenatorJohnDean.

Ahhh! Cant say this was an easy one, SJD had the better rounds flow wise, but I think Gas' punches held their own against SJD... Tough ass decision but I gotta give it to SJD.

even though SDJ was bad in tyne first round but he did better in the second turn but Gas did win this in the second round he did beat SDJ but i found it very close but in all Gas won I mean he just seriously turned his SDJ's word around even though SDJ had some comebacks they were turned useless afterwards