Reviews for "CLAB - Senator vs Gasmasq"

SJD: -1 Wasn't he the bitch who emphasized intros/outros, it's getting old..
SJD: - Terrible clarity
SJD: - forced flow
Gas: -Fast flow was off
Gas: -weird delivery
Gas: -Late Verse

I didnt like this battle much, I gave it 2 listens. Gasmasq gets my vote for that voice on the last line, I giggled. meh...

I almost wish you guys could have redone this battle to include all the fucking drama that has been going on in the past few days.

This battle was awesome regardless. Since the verses were pretty much even, I have to vote based on SJD's intro and Gas' outro. I like the intro of SJD, as he made a mockery of how some of you fucking retards base your voting on intros and outros. The irony is that it actually was the deciding factor in this battle; something I never thought I'd say. Gas' outro was almost as powerful, but it didn't have that "ooomph" that SJD's intro contained.

Lol I'm kidding. That would be a retarded ass way for me to decide a battle. In reality, this battle kicked ass, and I would give it a tie if Gas got all his shit in on time, but he was waaaay late on his deadlines (as usual), and that actually is going to affect the way I vote. I'm voting for the Senator because he was timely, didn't take for fucking ever to get his shit in, and still matched(and in some aspects, surpassed) Gasmasq in almost every concievable way. Great battle Gas, but your procrastination just gave SJD my vote. Otherwise I'd have said this was a tie.


Damn hard. This is about as close as a battle can be. Breaking down lyrics flow etc. would be misleading. Both guys hit all the stops. Really, this comes down to who can get the crowd going.

SJD has a helluva lot of energy, diversified the flow.
Gas had punches that rallied the battle back, kept it real.

Really, I think SJD edged it. Both you guys brought it, but I just feel like I'd be cheering SJD's punches more. Gas probably brought more valid points, but to this voter that didn't quite make up for the differenece in energy.

Both keep up.

After some careful thought and deliberation, I'm going to have to give this one to Klazik Nadi. Just better punches, stayed on beat, and had more presence throughout. Great battle though. Another Nadi bodybag.

My vote goes to Gas. More puns... Atleast ones i could understand xD
But i still love you Senator :D

Gas to proceed