Reviews for "Crop Circles"

i just made map<><><><><>< alot:3

i just made map go <><><><><> alot:3

Why is this game so well reviewed/rated?

Excerpt from other reviews:
"...I think this game has great potential, with the choosing of the enemy path,..."
"...the game had an interesting concept, making your own path. ..."
"...Interesting idea with the construction of ways,..."
A tower defense game with a customizable path?
Call the wizards of the game industry, for they have to call this a new genre!

Whatever praise this game is getting is from a somehow overappreciated crop circle system, woohoo.


why is it so LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That farmer is a fat cat

I love how he rents out weapons of mass destruction (likely from the army or armed forces) But when you think about it, he'd probably get it back within a day since these aliens are so easy to kill.

Great idea, needs more challenge.

This game has a sweet concept, and it's amusing, but loses some points for being too easy. I reckon you're onto something, though.