Reviews for "Crop Circles"

interesting concept but..

the game didn't make any sense at all..

I'm sorry,
but this game has a whole lot of wasted potential
- figure out the pricing
- the cheapest ends up becoming the most expensive and the most expensive becomes the cheapest, does that make sense?
- change the amount you make per unit killed
- add more weapons
- more upgrades
- fix the upgrade costs to make them more variable

i win

i got score of 123,441

this sux

the only good thing about it is that it was addictive
bad things:
1: bad graphics
2: whats with the stealt bomber that hits your own people?
3: the 2nd one means that it was very unrealistic

sorry but thats a fact

i had fun

it was fun game i liked how you got to set the path. the "towers" seemed to take up alot of space though and there could be more tower selections and upgrades. keep up the good work though i would love to see a sequel

Bunch of crap things

1. very bad graphics
2. waaaaaay too much aliens
3. waaaaaay too few towers and upgrades stay the same price
4. crop circle path was a good idea if you had more space to move the circles
5. the towers seriously dude jeep machinegun that fires 1 round a minute this ain't a napoleon defence game

good stuff
1. the pre-loader the glowing monkey looks cool