Reviews for "Crop Circles"


bad graphics, very small fonts. Interesting idea with the construction of ways, but I do not see much sense.

needs more variaty

not very good

Generic defense game.

It's a fairly basic game with a lack of music. There should be more variety and difficulty. The only unique thing I saw was that the player was able to create his own maze, but that's not all dazzling. With improvement, this game could be great.

2nd world place first try on hard?

I was giving this game the benefit of the doubt when I read how easy it was. Normally i am pretty generous when I write these but the people have spoken and I am in aggrence. I use 5 rocket launchers and 2 flame throwers to do this(I was using 4 until wave 42 when I noticed 3 aliens got through). The bomber was a joke. It didnt do anything that rockets wouldnt. I played it twice each on normal and hard and there was no difference between using and not using the bomber. I would have liked to See a final boss even if it was one I couldnt beat. Also assigning Hp to both turrets and enemies and showing what the upgraded hp is for each turret and wave of enemies. I think that beside the actual gameplay the look was good and the idea was great using the crop circles as stations. The next one though you should have it so that you cannot cross pathes over each other I think thats what took away from the difficulty of the game. Glow monkey I havn't checked anything else by you out but I will I think that the effort you put in this was awesome and appreciate it as a game. Just needs some work. I hope you found it usefull and if you have any questions about suggestions you can ask me. Good work.

easy game

u should have put a boss on wave 50, btw good game!