Reviews for "Crop Circles"

Easy....way easy

Played on the hardest level and yet it was a walk in the park. A great way to pass time but its sort of boring after awhile.

a little too boring

Unfortunately for how much money you eventually start earning, the enemies don't get much harder. Even playing on "EXTREME" at wave 30 I stopped upgrading and producing and beat the game (which is wave 51). I think this game has great potential, with the choosing of the enemy path, but overall it failed to deliver any real challenge. Good ideas, bad followthrough.

Too easy

way too easy...

made it to wave 50 and then got tired of playing...

just an idea...

To make it more , and progressively more, entertaining. What if you make it so you gota purchase the crop circles. Adding complexity as the game goes on, but add some forethought because you may have to plan around the vehicles you placed already.... ehh?


the game had an interesting concept, making your own path. this made the game either really really easy or hard depending on how you wanted the challange. the only downside i found was that it became dull. the game started off well and then just flopped after about 5 mins of playtime.