Reviews for "Crop Circles"

Not bad. easy to play. nice graphics


oh, god this is horrible.

Fun game

Good tower defense, I love the theme and the upgrades were very easy to obtain. One thing I'm not too hip on is the reptative waves over and over again. Maybe having a differnt area to move crop circles around every 5 waves or so could help this game not be so reptative. Other than that good game, oh, also maybe having the units upgrade into something different once there at the max. Like for instance, the Flamethrower unit could change into a massive damage flamethrower and the jeep could possible have the option to attach another massive big gun on or dual 50. Cal's for that matter. Good work!

long game...

i beat it i think it wave 51 is the max too and all the games...
so far it just a ok tower game...


It is a long drawn out game. Kinda boring. Needs something.