Reviews for "Crop Circles"

i just dont get the point

you make a really long path, start with flamethrower, an after you get enough money, sell it and start maxing out missile turrets, its that easy.
add special abilities to turrets and enemies, splash, slow, air only, you pick it up!


but i just find it crappy
i do like the idea of making ur own path

Great.. finally a game for nooby defense players.

Um all you do is set up some rockets and tanks, then the whole game runs by itself..... the UFO boss never gets through, everything is good and easy, but too easy.... other than that its great, just dont make people fall asleep though.

Interesting idea...

... giving us the ability to create our own path. I like it.
I can place the paths on top of onw another and they'll follow the whole damn thing. Good for me. Very, very bad for them. I basically could place the paths over top of one another on one big stretch across the board and load it up with troops so every inch of the path is covered and the units get about 9 different attacks on the same guy if necessary.

Hmm okay but too easy :/

The monsters can't even exit their Space ship xD