Reviews for "Crop Circles"

That was WAAY to Easy.

It's a very fun game. I really like the way you have to arrange the crop circles at the beginning. You should make a button that allows you to keep playing after you win, because I was very disappointed at round 50.

it was way to easy

u should have more of a varity of turrets

;( this is too easy

this is too easy and you could have more turrets.

I like it

It was fun, but needs a few upgrades. Like the bosses are a little to hard, more choice of soldiers, and maybe more space.

but Fun game

Needs dome work

The graphics were done very well, from how the aliens looked to the tanks. I also liked that the user/player was able to build their own maze to tackle this defense game, original.

What needs to be fixed is the amount of Health the aliens have, needs to be increased every five or ten levels, to make it more difficult. Also every, maybe, ten levels or so, there should be an increase of enemy units that come out.

This game would be more enjoyable if the enemies and gameplay was a little more difficult. Good Job though.