Reviews for "Carried by the Wind"

Astonishing Animation!

This had some excellent wind scrolling and body motion effects, great job! The only reason why I'm giving you 8/10 is because I think it would have been superb if somebody was singing the text instead of it flashing on the screen, I'd rather focus on the animation rather than the poem itself.

Nice animation

Cool animation, beautiful. However the poem is a bit hopeless, the man is too introverted really... he should do what he wants to do and be a man!!! face the truth and do something about it!!!!!!!! Nice vid

Sweet Animation

It was beautiful to watch from beginning to end. But I didn't know whether to watch the movie or read the words.
I chose the movie in the end because if you got rejected, then the words weren't enough then, right? No offense dude. ( A poem just doesn't do what it used to...)

Beautiful visuals though.

Cridia responds:

heh heh, you have a point there :D.

was good animation

the guy who wrote it sounds like a hopeless romantic. his heart is in the right place but he's gotta grow some balls and be a man. You kids and your introverted ways ;P

Cridia responds:

heh, it was more or less written under my guidance, for a lack of better words. I guess I was pretty hopeless back then =P.


exelente video ^^ 10