Reviews for "Carried by the Wind"


I stopped paying attention to the writing though, because it detracted from the mood. (ironically, enough) I wish those were read aloud, by the narrator. To give him some character.

Cridia responds:

Yeah, the narrator was something I hadnt even considered while making this animation. Next time I am going to do something with a poem, I will :D!

Thanks for the comment!


This is a very unique piece, I've never seen one like this before. It is very well done and I hope you continue. Keep up the great work!


this is really well made, you did a great job on everything, good job man

keep it up

great choice of poem.

wow.... cool

i dont care what you say i thought that was perfect! the graphics, the other arts, and the plot was great! 10!

Not bad

A little to siisyish for my taste but at least the animation had some depth