Reviews for "Carried by the Wind"

Not bad at all.

I gave this a nine because while the addition of 3D was a really nice touch and the poetry was beautiful, it seemed a little repetitive compared to your previous works. I still really enjoyed it; it had a beautiful message behind it.

great but..

Its too much of a hassle trying to both read words as they appear and focusing on the animation. Id rather someone was saying the words or something, that way you could get both the animation and the poem

That was nice

Really REALLY loved your use of masking. All those textures and patterns... Your leaf wipe was nice as well. Only problem I really had with it was that I have no idea what the poem said. Because it was in the top left and not in a font that can be read out the corner of the eye, the overload of great visuals demanded more attention. But, with out the poem, I'm guessing a bit of the story is lost.

I'm not really sure how you could have fixed this, other than using a more basic font, because you really don't want the text to cover up the visuals.

Anywho, Happy Valentines Day!

Cridia responds:

I am already busy on the next Valentine one :D. Yet again, I am going for a different style; this time I want it more to get a showbox kind of style. Although that one is not going to be timed on a poem, but just a vocal song.

Thanks for watching!


Very nicely done. The animation was good and the colours were unusual and worked very well to create a new, fresh style
Great take on a lovely poem!
Good work!

Great take...

I did this once with Edgar Allen Poe's "Nevermore" poem once.