Reviews for "Carried by the Wind"

ABSOLUTELY Stunning, and seemed original!

This was a great... GREAT job! The style was so unique it seemed, and while I have high speed internet, the load time seemed VERY quick for something that looks like it'd be a huge file! Your 3D was great to me, the music sounded like something from Dennis Martin (composer of music from Legend of Dragoon) who is amazing and great at setting moods. I urge you STRONGLY to do more work, keep getting better, and actually, just give us more to review. Congrats again, I hope you make front page for Valentine's Day!

exellent animation

but the poem is another story...
it had way too much text, especially when theres animation happening all around it.
Did you write it yourself?

The poem seems more like a summary or an explanation.
Its a bit boring and has no punch to it at all.
May I suggest fewer sentences, and in those sentences, fewer words.
That should get you started on the right track.

Look up Squaresoft RPG's for inspiration on how they combine love poem and animation :)

Cridia responds:

The poem was not written by me, as it says in the author comments. I am not that good with these literary things, so I asked someone else to write it.


I like the style, but it was hard to read poem and keep in eye animation as well.


Haven't really seen 3d models put into flash with that kinda artwork. This really is fine without a narrator. You could have placed the poem somewhere lower like to the bottome right and made it a opaque so people wouldn't miss the artwork as much.

Anyways great job and keep up the good work.

sweet and rich

I agree with most of the comments below, it is a nice work, i wont just re write other comments. I have to applaud the use of texture in the scenery makes its for me. beyond my current abilities so its inspiring in that respect. well done.