Reviews for "Carried by the Wind"

wow.... cool

i dont care what you say i thought that was perfect! the graphics, the other arts, and the plot was great! 10!

this is so well done...

.. and the art is so wonderful.

But how in gods name did you come across such an awful musical score?

It just doesn't fit at all..

Cridia responds:

You think? I was rather happy with the music actually.


Your artwork was so unique, as was your style, and transitions. It was a real thrill for the eyes. What an imagination you have.

However, if i were to suggest anything, I would narrate the poem, so it doesn take away from viewing your beautiful artowrk. It was hard to enjoy the flash, and read the poem at the same time. Thats the only negative about the flash, however, also without added sound it got a little boring, but again, it was easily overshadowed by your flash as a whole.

Brilliant stuff, hope to see more from you.

Cridia responds:

Thanks, this was really helpfull. The thought of using a narrator didnt even cross my mind to be honest; mostly due to me timing the appearance of the lines to the music. Now that I think about it, a narrator would perhaps have been better.

The sound was an integral part of the animation; any of my animations would get extremely boring if the sound was taken out. Anyways, thanks for the comment, I will defintily keep making animations! Next time I hope to make a more lighthearted one though.


I like the style, but it was hard to read poem and keep in eye animation as well.

ABSOLUTELY Stunning, and seemed original!

This was a great... GREAT job! The style was so unique it seemed, and while I have high speed internet, the load time seemed VERY quick for something that looks like it'd be a huge file! Your 3D was great to me, the music sounded like something from Dennis Martin (composer of music from Legend of Dragoon) who is amazing and great at setting moods. I urge you STRONGLY to do more work, keep getting better, and actually, just give us more to review. Congrats again, I hope you make front page for Valentine's Day!