Reviews for "CoreyStuckInPurgatoryVIII"



ok,not bad

ok so it started out and i wias liking it and then the people started talking...the vocals and the subtitles pissed me off and yes it was boring,however i like your animation style alot and you should stick with that,but the other 2 forementioned things have to be fixed...not bad though other than that

Awesome animation!

This is actually the first of the series Ive seen, and Im already captured by the amazing artwork and the animation. The only complaint I have is the voices which sound very faint and nasally. Other than that its awesome and Ill def check out the rest of the series!

nice animation!!

but it was a little on the dull side....and those voices....i felt as if i were watching jacob two two.....what am i 9 or something

it has potential

I only give it 9 stars because the artwork is the coolest flash I've ever seen, it's not really funny, and I don't very much like the nasally voices, but on a good note, with some minor adjustments, I think this could easily be the best flash show on the entire internet!