Reviews for "CoreyStuckInPurgatoryVIII"


I found it very boring.
I've read Dante's work wich is called ''the divine comedy'' and I don't understand why it's called ''Corey stuck in purgatory'' because the styx is in hell...
St Peter suited in joggong clothe's?!
I just found the humor very dull and I was deceived,maybe I expected too much but I though that someone who read such a book would have though of something more funny to parody Dante's Voyage trough hell.
Still,good art.

My name :O

LOL ITS GOT MY NAME INIT I'LL GIVE IT A 10/10 AND 5/5 :) and my name is corey not rory :)

I agree with guy under me....

Needs some work on the voices also... just try to make the jokes a lil better =)

Really good except one part

The art and animation was great, but the voice acting took away form the movie IMO. The voices need work, if you can get more voioce actors or something I think this could def be way better.

thx for subtitles

good flash but short, thx putting subtitles