Reviews for "CoreyStuckInPurgatoryVIII"

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look man,you dont need to show off how much you detail you remeber from the book,its just pathetic,dante INVENTED his own hell,who are you to judge the authors invention,and yes dante also use something else as a reference to his book,god how litlle puberty smartasses anoy me,anyway the vid was a1,and awsome combination of foto and animation,it really blendded in,gj

I've never seen this series before...Trippy ^^

But this was really cool, oh yeah, And just so fucking trippy xD ^^ :DDD

I loved the backgrounds and some of the stuff like that

really amazing shit

I shoudl probably watch the earlier episodes though So that I know what the fuck is going on!?!




Hope your all having somewhat as an amazing of a night as I am ^^ :D

Im gonna go onto YOUTUBE NOW!!1 ^^

Peace :D

-Ace (Drunk as a fuck duck luck ^^) <^.^>

Normally amazing.

Honestly, i followed this series round allot, i thought it had a fantastic animation style and animation, the this one wasn't as great there is something VERY important that must be pointed out.

The voice acting quality, the voice acting was good, but the quality was terrible. please do something if you can about this.

i love the series and characters. kudo's


I like your animation style.
I liked the beginning few seconds of action, the running from the bees tied in with the music.... Worked really well.
After that, it went down hill.
Your vocals may be as purposely intended, but they still drive me fucking insane.
The dialogue was bland, it hurt to pay attention to, especially with the tied in voice acting. Honestly, none of the voices in the series fail to irritate me beyond enjoyment, and the attempts at humor are almost always falling short.
However, I really do like your animation style. In my opinion, you should take up making music videos for you band (assuming your music sounds anything like that short bit heard in the beginning of this piece)

You should re-read your Dante

On the whole, I like this series. However, I can never get past how much you changed the geography of Dante's Inferno. While I can understand you skipping over Limbo, and changing a few things around for the purpose of moviing the story, there are several things that just BUG THE SHIT OUT OF ME:

1. Changing Virgil from a virtuous pagan(and therefroe a resident of Limbo) to an evil slave of Minos is just annoying.

2. The River Stix is located in the fifth layer of hell, where the wrathful and sullen are punished. You, however, have put it on the fourth layer, with the horders and wasters. If not this, then you've clearly had the circle of greed take up two layers.

3. The chaging of the punishments for the 4th layer. I understand what you did with the 2nd layer, and it worked. This, however, does not. It would've been much more interesting(and not to mention potentially more hilarious) if you had retained the bit from Dante's Inferno where the greedy are at war with each other. After seeing how well you pulled off the third circle, I know that you could easily do this.

Other than that, I like this series. It has good voice acting, fluid animation, and witty humor. You should just try to get the geography of Hell right.