Reviews for "CoreyStuckInPurgatoryVIII"

very nice

Your series never stops to amaze me very well done, great animations, sound and voice acting all around. Plus very funny, major plus might add. Corey it's quite the character does he resembles anyone you know or is he just a creation done out of your imagination?

dnzTV responds:

he's sort of an amalgam between me and the writers, actually. except we're all dutch, and he's a redneck. yeah


Haha, I'm agree with daniel200 xD bigfurrydemon must be a faggot =P
Great animation, but i think it was boring..


That's a fair degree of fafwesomeness :), if only it was a bit longer....

Amazing art

I love the level of art and detail in this. FLASH still has its downfalls, paper doll movements here and there, but very enjoyable to watch!


I just wanted to say that this has been one of the better/best animation submissions I've seen on NG for a while. Most of the stuff that makes front page now is crap. You have good technical animation skill, understanding of movie making, and digital art skills. I applaud you for those--the angles, distortions, frame of reference, lighting, art, and character depictions were great.

I thought audio was the weakest part of your animation though. I read in your author comment that your normal voice actors have left for a while, so the voice quality is understandable. Please don't let the negative reviews here get you down and keep making these! (I have a hunch they are mainly 13 year olds who aren't appreciative or understanding of why anyone would appreciate talent, art, skill, originality...) I'm going to watch your other submissions now.

If you don't mind me asking, what are your inspirations for this kind of animation? How much time do you spend on animation and how big of a part would you say it plays in your life? Anyway, great animation--I look forward to enjoying more of your submissions. :)