Reviews for "Don't eat that Sandwich!!"


The animation sucked. The script seems like it was written by an 8 year old. The voice acting was terrible. I would have laughed at this when I was 6 but I have developed a sense of humor sense then. This was just awful. Nothing good about it.

Id be embarrased to put my name on this if I were you

tha was the opposite of good

''i use to be a sandwich in a previous life'' what? that wasnt very good keep tryin tho


if you were going for worst video i have ever seen.....then i would give you an 11!
things to fix:
everything but animation...

i didnt like it..

well, it really wasnt that funny imo.


Good animation, but the joke got old fast, and it was a bit badly done. Needs a better, more interesting / funny story line, and a bit more effort, regardless of sound quality. But it's not crap, more like a waste of time, sorry. The part with the soda was funny though, old fashioned, but still good. So at least half of it was good.