Reviews for "Don't eat that Sandwich!!"

Sorry, but no

Sorry to say this, but that was extrodinarily unfunny. I didn't even chuckle once. I am however giving you a 5/10 instead of blamming this because the animation wasn't half bad, and it was pretty long, so that must have taken some time to make. I recommend better voice acting, funnier dialogue, and overall rework the script a bit. You can keep the animation, because honestly that's a hell of a lot better than i'll ever be able to make. Cheers!


This guy is still watching cartoons in his mom's basement. The jokes are so corny and shitty even my 10 year old brother blurted out, "What the fuck."

And to cghygyy, just because you can't make movies doesn't mean that you have to start worshipping shit.

But I will say your animation and drawings are good, and that earned you a three. The content was shit though. I suggest you cooperate with someone with a sense of humor- or even our dear cghygyy. He seems pretty gung-ho to make bad movies too.


Not bad, but kinda...missing something...can't put my finger on it tho...
Coulda used a better name too...

Nice reference to frylock though. :P ATHF ftw


This... This... This was so unfunny that I think I got a stomache ulcer, please for God's sake, don't turn this this visual cancer into a series. Oh "These Pancakes Are Tiny" effin' smashes this, I'm going to watch it again to wash away the mental crabs this animation gave me.

I loved this!!!

OMFG i loved this!!!! the bear: WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU STILL DOING HERE?!?!
but the shopkeeper was hard to understand!
also shut up all those people who think its bad, you couldnt make a better movie!