Reviews for "Don't eat that Sandwich!!"

I agree with esmodius.

The animation was decent, and the art style was kind of bland, but what really ruined it for me was the voice acting. Extremely agitating and annoying. I hope you don't take this personally.


Damn Balony town indeed. Well done man, that was funny!

Random as hell

I love the soda part :-D haha


"All right, um, now I'll just shake this can here for luck and, uh, point it at my face and open it"... :)....
That was funny.....but I took off for the voices, they were annoying after awhile...

That was delicious

I see all the reviews of this flash here and they come in a large variety. This is because many people are going to mainly look at the fact that the story and characters were stuoid and immature. Many other people such as I are going to look at the bigger picture and yes this whole stroy was childish. Having said that this was graphically stunning with great animation. This flash was also clever in the way that it depicts the characters of the fat dumb policeman and the idiotic man serving the policemen. This shows a few characteristics of a stereotipical American life. As I said the story was immature however it was as clear as glass to follow and there were a few bits of humour which made this a lot better. To be honest this was one of the purest flashes that I have ever seen and for this you should be highly commended.