Reviews for "Don't eat that Sandwich!!"

Kinda maybe a little bit O.K

some parts were barely funny but that part at the end with the satellite on him... it looked like his penis XD


good movie the bear sound was odd good 1

i dunno

why is everyonre being so negative this was funny but you need a good sense of humour to see that. yes the voices didi get anoying but you cant help but laugh at the irony. the only reason i gave it 8 was because the voices were that annoying and the noise the bear made lost another mark


Animation seems to be fine, but the jokes are a little stale. Nice try.

Don't delete reviews...

Lol, you deleted my review just because it was negative or something? lets post it again.

+okey, I didn't gave you a zero becaus the audio was okey with the vid, not of or something

-crappy jokes, it wassnt fun at all
-way to childish voices
-looked crappy
-was crappy
-still is crappy, never deserved front page..