Reviews for "Don't eat that Sandwich!!"

dont eat this sandwich? dont watch this movie!

wow, that was not funny!

Just didn't feel it.

You should look for another genre of animation. Or try to improve on the things that were missing.

Close but not quite.

Well I'll give you an A for effort, I didn't think this was bad but it wasn't all that great. I think your artwork could use a little touching up at points such as when your characters are talking and I personally think you need to find a voice actor because your just not cutting it and actually subtract from the potential of your movies. As for the plot I thought it was great some of the jokes were a little too announced but other than that it was perfect.

This had potential

But it really wasn't funny. I guess that was the point??? It had to be right? I really liked a couple of parts but then you filled it with sight gags like sharp objects imporium and snakes and stuff.

it's ok if you think this is funny. It's ok if your flashes are all like this too. But if I were you, and I had your skill in art an animation I would make serious flicks.

Or maybe just switch up my style of comedy.

Anyway the best joke was actually when he stated hat he was gonna do the stupid opening of the soda can. I don't usually laugh at cheap humor like that but I did this time.


dude...that sucked

That was painful, it wasn't funny, the animations resembled that of kindergardeners puke after eating a box of crayola, and the voices make me wish I was Hellen Keller. Try harder next time, god forbid there is one.