Reviews for "Don't eat that Sandwich!!"


Seriously! This really does not make any sense. So the bear has its claw in the sandwich. But how did it get there? And the voices were really fast. Bad animation and story. I really expected more from you.

I didn't like it

It is obvious that you put effort into it. There was attention to detail and the lip syncing was good. But I didn't laugh once. The humor was terrible. Like the mall cops- they were too stupid for stupid humor. Maybe this isn't intended for people my age, I don't know...

the point

this proves that you just can't trust a cashier.<no offense>


Dude, not to be mean or anything but why throw in a name like bologna town?
The video was not that funny so i would suggest improving on that the most.


I was a sandwich in my previous life.

Some of this was actually pretty good. The humour was okay, a bit spontanious, but okay nonetheless. The voice acting was good for the most part, but in some cases it really felt forced out.

The worst part of this had to be the animation. It's cartoony enough, but there was a lack of detail in certain parts, (ie. The satellite drops on top of him.) and could have used more touching up.

Pretty good stuff.