Reviews for "Don't eat that Sandwich!!"

That was irritating.

Random as hell, I'll give you that, but the voice acting and poor animation just ruined the whole thing.

not too bad

Lol, did anyone else notice that the french fries was Frylock from ATHF

Very Unpredictable.

Wow, This is not what I had in mind when I was going to watch this. Bears, Poison darts, exploding sodas, damn it's like you gave The term "Expect the unexpected" a new meaning. And the graphics were all weird too. Nice job!


Yeah im a security guard and I really dont do that... Some parts where funny ill give ya that but to me it was kinda korney...

preety good

lmao that was a bit too much fizz lol. that was pretty funny! keep makin videos like this!