Reviews for "Xenon Prime Racing"


6 laps too long
got the two next cars on the first 2 races
was really no difference in the cars
wasnt enough characters
what was the plot of it
took me 10 minutes to beat

really needs an update with more characters and levels

Graphic wise, this game is groundbreaking!

but gameplay wise is ok. But it is just a basic racing game, i guess everyone expected it to be like a perfect wipeout clone.

One problem with the game is when you crash into a wall or a rival racer, you bounce everywhere and its difficult to regain control.

no story = stunning speed

its good with no plot

An ok racing game

It didn't really feel like I was handling a giant hover-car, they all handled like air-hockey pucks, and none of the different vehicles felt like they were handling differently. The graphics were the high point, and everything moved smoothly, I really enjoyed the different colour of hazes and mists that were on each map. Another problem I had was when I was doing the second race, my vehicle started turning to the right despite me not pressing the right arrow key, and I spent the rest of the race either fighting against the turning or spinning in dainty little circles.

If there is a sequel, and I hope there is because this is a really good game, I'd be looking towards it eagerly.


concept was great loved it reminded me of the game from psp but you can die from to much damage being caused.. the only thing is i found that the red race in every race ended up in second even when i was yellow... also found that anything under 35 seconds is a 1st place win the jutting caused by the collisions is because you over controlled the handling a bit but in all its a very good game set up