Reviews for "Xenon Prime Racing"

its cool

but once you learn to bounce off the walls ur set XD and also the turning is a bit slow

Fun, but clunky and easy

This was a fun game, and I liked the graphical design of it, but I do have one major complaint. The game itself was a little too easy. Admittedly, I was nervous most of the time when I was bouncing about, which happened on pretty much all of the circuits. But even when I was hitting the walls on every curve and driving the ship with the lowest handling stats I managed to get first place with little problem.

I would recommend either improving the steering system or making the enemy AI a bit more difficult. And some additional circuits would have been nice, as four circuits would get old after a while. But, despite these problems, I find this to be a good game. Nicely done.


Overall it was pretty good. Except it was a bit laggy.

Pretty Good

Six laps in the first track was a bit much

Good game

Not bad, but the handling is a bit out of control