Reviews for "Xenon Prime Racing"

really good

but seriously man, you need to make the vehicles get damaged when you bump into something and eventually explode once your health is gone, then you have to start back up from.. other then that very well done, but seriously its just so boring without health


it was a so-so game. lots of potential. i think you should keep the graphics the same, but make the background & stuff more detailed. i think it was too hard. There always seemed like theres always a better car. I didnt get past the first track or first two cars. if you pick the red car, the green car beats u, if ur the green car the red cra beats u. add more cars, and a difficulty pick.


I felt that this game has more potential than actual...good stuff in it.
I didnt get past track one, because the first time I played I came in second, and the second time I played it lagged too much.
The game has a cool, accelerated feel to it, but it doesnt make up for the bumpy and uncomfortable driving style. Make a track without boundaries.
Also, the words "LAST LAP" were distracting. They should be smaller.
And lastly, a boost system would make things less...repetitive.


It ran really well, even on my zzzzzzzlow computer! The game was pretty boring though, I've probably played about 100 others exactly like it.


good racing game